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Gallstones, Sludge & Liver Congestion

Pulverexx Protocol Benefits

 Gallbladder Sludge and Its Symptoms Can Now Be Treated Naturally and Effectively

Dealing with Gallbladder Pain and Symptoms

There is a new alternative protocol for dealing with gallbladder pain and symptoms that can grind to a pulp cholesterol and calcified gallstones. The powerful set of Amazonian ingredients that are used in this protocol are able to dissolve liver and gallbladder stones in as little as days.

If you have been battling gallbladder attacks, gallstones pain, gall bladder symptoms, liver congestion and different kinds of digestive disorders you have come to the right place.

Our team of experts have come up with a revolutionary program to tackle a worldwide epidemic, the source of pain – liver toxicity, gallbladder stones and sludge. Many symptoms, including gallstone pain and some diseases can be traced back to stones congestion in the liver and gallbladder as well as digestive issues that can stem forth from them.Pulverexx - Natural Liver Cleanse

In This Bold New Approach You Will…

  • Experience immediate gallbladder relief from pain within days
  • Discover a proven means of naturally vanquishing gallbladder and liver pain symptoms without drugs, surgery or medications
  • Release years worth of toxic waste build up in the liver and gallbladder in as little as 30 days
  • Learn which foods and lifestyles cause gall stones formation and gallbladder symptoms like abdominal pain, bloating, nausea, and other digestive issues
  • Reduce or eliminates the need for surgical removal of the gallbladder
  • Never waste money on expensive drugs, gallbladder surgery or exams again


Without the Need of Surgery


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What Gallstone Symptoms Are?


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Your Symptoms

If you are on this site it is because:

  • You have gallstones or gallbladder pain
  • You are experiencing serious digestive complications and/or other gallstone / sludge-related symptoms
  • You are experiencing symptoms due to gallbladder sludge and mucous
  • You wish to cleanse your liver and gallbladder of year’s worth of accumulated deposits, sludge and waste.

You are most likely experiencing anything from steady gnawing pain in the right upper abdomen, to heartburn, acid reflux, bile sludge reflux, nausea and/or vomiting. For a more detailed list of gallbladder pain symptoms associated with gallstone congestion or gallbladder sludge see:gallbladder pain

The majority of individuals subscribe to the notion that there is only a single method of getting rid of gallbladder pain fast and it is surgical removal of the gallbladder.

Why Surgery is Not the Best Solution

Thinking About The Surgery?

Surgery will not necessarily alleviate gallbladder pain

Read in independent forums what people say about the pain persisting the surgery:

Surgery Is Not Always the Solution

Why Does Gallbladder Symptoms and Pain Persist After Gallbladder Surgery?

Gallbladder surgery will not stop the body from developing more gallbladder stones or sludge, nor will it necessarily stop abdominal pain resulting from gallbladder sludge and congestion, because gallstones and gallbladder sludge are formed in the liver after cholesterol-containing bile begins to thicken or crystallize. Surgical removal of this organ will not rid the body of the gallbladder stones or sludge in the liver. Gallstones and gallbladder sludge form wherever bile is present, which includes the liver, common bile duct, the gallbladder or at the mouth of the pancreas. For a more in-depth look at gallbladder surgery on how it deals with pain and symptoms visit here.

Understanding Your Ultrasound Test Results

Why Won’t Ultrasound Detect All Gallstones And Gallbladder Sludge?

Gallbladder stones and sludge causing pain often go undetected because most of them are composed of mainly cholesterol and it is difficult for ultrasound tests to distinguish between solidified cholesterol or cholesterol found in liquid state in surrounding bile. Also many people develop pain symptoms when their is an accumulation of gallbladder sludge and mucous, not necessarily gallbladder stones.

The Pulverexx Protocol™

Your Alternative to Gallbladder Surgery

How Does It Work?

Pulverexx Protocol Helps You to Dissolve Gallstones

The Pulverexx Protocol™ is easy to use and quite effective. The difference with our protocol is that it is the only program that dissolves gallstones causing the symptoms or pain before you eliminate them and breaks down gallbladder sludge. Also works on liver by releasing toxins, liver stones and sludge.

Pulverexx - Natural Liver Detox

The Pulverexx Protocol™ works on both types of gallstones, calcified gallstones and cholesterol gallstones that cause gall bladder pain and symptoms. It also helps eliminate stagnant bile, gallbladder sludge and congestion from the liver and even mucous in the gallbladder. For pictures of gallstones and sludge eliminated thru this program: Pictures Gallery 

Our program also comes with its own mini educational lesson booklet that will teach you and show how to implement positive changes in your life get at the heart of your pain by helping you identify which foods and lifestyles cause gallstone formation, gallbladder sludge and digestive disorders. It is written in simple language that is easy to read. We aim to educate, not just sell a product. If you have gallstone pain or sludge related symptoms we are here to help.

How Pure is the Product?

Pulverex is 100% Natural Product

We use only natural organic herbs that originate in pristine areas in the Amazon rainforest. Together they work to dissolve and pulverize gallstones and sludge into a fine pulp or smaller pieces that can be easily and painlessly passed.

Learn How To Get Rid of Gallstones Without Surgery

Cost Comparison

With the surgery you may expect to pay between $6,000 to $18,000 depending on location

Medical studies show that this method is only effective in about 50% of patients. In the best-case scenario, patients will only loose their ability to digest certain types of foods after the gallbladder surgery and have some pain relief.

Dangers of Gallbladder Surgery

The cost for oral dissolution therapy used for pain caused by gallbladder stones and sludge, where potentially noxious acids such as Ursodiol (ursodeoxycholic acid, Actigall) and chenodiol (Chenix) are used is in the thousands of dollars per year and can take no less than 2 years. It only works oncholesterol gallbladder stones or sludge particles that are small- less that 5/8 in (1.5 cm) in diameter, but does not work on calcified gallstones nor on obese patients. Gallbladder stones and sludge usually return when the drug is ceased to be taken. It is successful for dealing with gallbladder pain in less than 30% patients.

Pulverexx costs $ 59.95 only

The Pulverexx Protocol™ on the other hand costs $59.95 and the entire protocol lasts 1 month and is completely natural. This method works on both cholesterol and calcified gallstones, and improvements and alleviation of pain can usually be noted within days. It works on gallstones of all sizes even though larger ones (over an inch take longer to dissolve depending on the individual) and it works on obese patients having pain just the same. Also gallbladder sludge and congestion that is in liver can be broken down and elimination through the use of our program.

Product Reviews

“Since taking Pulverexx ™ my bowel movements have become more regular … The first time that I took it, probably I expelled an amount of 15 or 20 gallstones, different sizes. The second time I took it, it probably was about 100 … black, green, orange colors … I can tell you I would recommend it very highly and unless you’ve take it you would never know.”

Danny M.

“I was having a lot of side pains … I went to the doctor and did a sonogram (ed: ultrasound) and they told me I had a lot of gallstones in my gallbladder. He told me they had to do surgery and I told him I don’t like surgery.

Henry G.

“I had a gallstone attack. I went to a doctor and the doctor recommended I’d do surgery … I have taken Pulverexx ™ for 30 days and since then went back to the doctor and they have taken and X-ray and Ultrasound and they found no gallstones and I have been free of them since.”

Tony S.

Yes, it does work. And it does so very well! I've used this product off and on for the past couple years, on my quest to eliminate gallstones. While changing your diet and getting lots of water is crucial, I have yet to find anything as effective as what is being offered here...

Michael K.