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How Drain Snaking Works in Toronto

A drain snake is a flexible tool for unclogging the drain. It can be a Do-it-Yourself or a professional one. Many homes face the problem of clogged drains. When they happen, a number of options are available for you. A plunger is one of them and is the least expensive. Chemicals can also be poured down the drain but this is not very environmentally friendly. Some can also be dangerous to the user. Also, the other option that you have is to use a drain snake. That is what we will talk about now.

I don’t know what a Drain Snake is

The other name for this is a drain auger or a plumbing snake. It is a long, flexible, metallic cable that has a cone-shaped-auger at the end. The home drain snake is a bit smaller with a length of 50 ft. the name snake comes from how it resembles the snake itself. One end of the snake is normally pushed in the drain while turning it around using a handle.

The flexibility of the snake ensures that it does not get stuck, but rather bend at the areas with twists. This gives an assurance that it will move forward up to the obstruction. Once it reaches the clog, the auger end will hook into the clog due to the twisting motion. Once hooked, it is time to pull the snake out, hopefully with the clog attached to it.

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How do you use a drain snake?

Using a drain snake can be easy if you’re well prepared and know what you’re doing. Drain snakes become especially handy in instances when the plunger has failed to deliver the needed results.

To start off, spread several towels around the area that is to be fixed. It is also advisable to wear hand gloves. Keep in mind that you will come in contact with the cable and anything that will be pulled out from the clogged pipe, so prepare yourself accordingly. Last but not least, put some kind of container close to you in which you will deposit the waste.

The auger end of the snake drain is inserted in the drain and the cable is pushed in by turning it around. Be slow and twist the handle as it pushes forward in the pipe. You may want to remove the drain cover to ease your work.

If the snake comes across a blockage, you will know because the cable will back up. Keep turning the handle until the clog is hooked. If you feel your turning is being resisted, pull back the cable. This will pull out the clog as well. Lastly, pour some water in the unclogged drain.

Be cautious, however, when attempting to fix any type of plumbing issue on your own. By doing something wrong you can cause more extensive damage that will cost you significantly more money and time. If ever unsure then it is better to call in the specialists. You can be confident that New Drain will handle your problem with urgency and care as well as provide you with the most cost-effective solution!

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