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Video camera and damaged location services

Among the most effective ways of inspecting the damaged locations in the drainage system is the camera line inspection. This kind of inspection is regarded to be the most popular way that is used by plumbers to determine the source of the problem in the pipes in a quick and accurate manner.

Using video camera for inspecting damaged pipes

In the following paragraph, we have briefly explained how to use video camera in inspecting the damaged locations in the pipes to be serviced. First thing first, the plumber or the user is expected to feed a flexible fiber optic cable through the pipe which is suspected to be damaged. The camera has a small waterproof lens and it is attached at the end of the fiber optic cable. This camera has lights to enable the plumber to easily see where the problem is.


As the cable is fed into the pipe, the camera will be transmitting the live video to the camera operator whose job is to save the findings from the video on a permanent record. When doing the camera inspection there are a few things which one has to look out for as described below.

Drain Camera Inspection Services


Clogged Drain Camera Inspection

Major damage to the pipes

Any major damage to the piping in the system such as broken, collapsed or cracked pipes is likely to be the major cause of the plumbing problem. The area surrounding the pipes may be a problem to the drain, for example, the mass of the soil on top of the pipe can make it collapse. Also, if you find out that the seals which exist between the pipes are broken for some known reason or there is a leak, it is an issue that requires immediate attention.

A blockage or a clog

Clogs or blockage can build up in the plumbing in several ways. You are likely to experience or notice some kind of blockage in the plumbing if too much of debris or bulky waste is allowed to flow down the plumbing system. For this reason, you are advised not to dump grease down your drains. If a root of a tree or any other plant in the areas surrounding the pipes makes its way into the system, it may restrict the flow of water and this can cause a serious problem in your plumbing.

Wear and tear

The older your plumbing system is becoming, the more the natural wear and tear takes place. The plumbing materials may become antiquated or subjected to deterioration or corrosion. This is likely to happen if for a long time you have been having the same pipes to run the plumbing of your space. So what are you waiting for.


In this situation, a camera line inspection should be applied as it serves as a great resource for determining whether new pipes and other parts should be installed in the drainage system.

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