Gold Wedding Rings

Famous in reputation and desired almost instinctively, gold remains one of the most highly sought and coveted substances. Its beauty and radiance make it a more than excellent candidate for wedding bands. Gold wedding bands are a staple among both men and women alike and are a popular jewellery choice for those pivotal special occasions. You can never go wrong with the illustrious and dignified glimmer of a golden ring or band to symbolize your commitment and love. It’s simply a classic.

Coming in a range of gold types, our gold wedding bands can really stand out with a vibrant or warm colour in yellow and rose golds or they can possess the more conservative look of a white gold. The styles we offer include both a respectable and distinguished minimalist look and something more decorative. Whether you want a ring with antique-like markings and engravings or that little extra touch of accent stones, we have what you’re searching for.

Like any fine Toronto jeweller that wishes to push the industry forward both ethically and environmentally, we extract our precious metals in a responsible manner. We utilize recycled gold and rely on fair-mined gold for our creations and this applies to other precious metals as well. We believe that the world should not be contaminated with any more waste, so we restore recycled metals back to their pristine and original state through our careful refinement processes. This reduces our dependence on the mining of gold.

Interested in making the impeccable glint of gold the way you want to commemorate your love? View our gold wedding band collection for rings that will express every memory and look great doing it.

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