Three-Stone Engagement Rings

A beautiful collaboration of gemstones, three-stone engagement rings are an expressive statement of love and harmony. Sometimes referred to as trinity or trilogy rings, this style represents a couple’s past, present, and future as three gleaming beacons. As such, a three-stone engagement ring does more than signify a bright future; it represents a bright lifetime with the one you love. The aesthetics of a three-stone look are bold yet cohesive, emphasizing the centre gemstone with a romantic couplet of smaller, equally captivating gems.

We boast an exciting collection of three-stone engagement rings that span across a variety of styles. Our settings can cater to a variety of tastes, whether you want an antique look, something more modern, or a classic look that has stood the tests of time. Looking for something in particular? Our large selection of styles offers something for everyone.

Creating a three-stone engagement ring that enraptures and mesmerizes is all in the details. That is why we let you decide the properties of your diamond. Colour, shape, carat, price, cut, and clarity are all crucial details that we let you view when deciding upon the right stone. Such transparency guarantees you know what you are paying for from the outset.

Our settings also come in a variety of precious metal types. This ensures that you can choose a setting that feels perfectly compatible with the loose diamond you have picked out. Ready to explore your options for that special day? Browse through our three-stone engagement rings for some
remarkable finds or contact us!

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