Sapphire Engagement Rings

When thinking outside of the box that a diamond ring comes in, sapphire engagement rings are a spectacular alternative. With their crystalline surface emitting deep and unforgettable colours, sapphires are a bewildering sight to behold. Countless shades of blue pulse vividlyin any sapphire ring and simply viewing the ring from new angles will reveal further depth and make you fall in love with its colours all over again.

Our sapphire engagement ring collection is every bit as prestigious as our diamond ring collections. The sapphires we offer boast the durability and vibrant colours that sapphires have been made famous for. Your possible choices include a more rustic or vintage ring-style or something with a more modern aesthetic. Regardless of your preferred style, all of our refined and stylish settings are designed with the intention of accentuating that all-encompassing sapphire.

The sapphires we use are all premium cuts and come in different sizes, shapes, and colours. The ring’s setting is also customizable, capable of being constructed with your ideal precious metal. This suite of options will certainly assist you in your journey toward the perfect proposal. You can also take comfort in the fact that our gemstones and metals are mined and produced through ethical and eco-friendly means.

Nobody loves the feeling of being blue—unless that person is wearing a stunning sapphire engagement ring! Feeling like a gemstone alternative to diamonds could give your engagement ring a unique twist? Look through our sapphire ring collection for gemstones with an unprecedented shine.

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