Pave Engagement Rings

In need of an engagement ring with sumptuous finesse and an astonishing sparkle that will persist from any angle? Our pave engagement ring
collection should be at the top of your list. Taking its name from the French verb that means “to pave,” these luxuriant rings are expertly paved with small diamonds that result in continual glimmerings of light. Such an eye-catching ring will not only brighten your loved one’s day, but it will give them something unique to cherish as well.

Pave engagement rings must be artfully crafted with the utmost care. This French style of ring setting is a more exotic choice that not all jewellers will offer. The placement of the smaller diamonds is a meticulous process that involves minimizing the visibility of any prongs or beads that are holding the diamonds in place. We sell a variety of pave engagement rings that cover a wide range of styles.

One of the greatest advantages to a pave engagement ring is the way the accent diamonds emphasize the ring’s central diamond. The diminutive
surrounding diamonds harmonize with the greater diamond while making it appear much larger by contrast. For rings encrusted with a multitude of diamonds around the band, it is crucial that the ideal ring size is chosen from the outset.

If you are searching for an engagement ring that features a nearly surreal sparkle, then our fine selection of pave engagement rings may be perfect for you. Browse our pave collection for extraordinary ring settings with unmatched radiance.

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