Antique and Vintage Engagement Rings

Diamond halo engagement rings are characterized by a halo of small accent diamonds that surround the larger diamond in the ring’s centre. This kind of ring often gives off an unparalleled sparkle that very few can resist. To many, the perfect accompaniment to a halo setting is thought to be a circular-shaped diamond. The accent diamonds visually enlarge such a diamond and the overall look of a circular halo ring is opulent and exquisitely vintage. An ornate style that stands out in a room, diamond halo engagement rings are a magnificent and alluring choice for that upcoming proposal.

Interested in a halo setting with compass points or perhaps one with floral-inspired aesthetics? Thinking about yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, or perhaps platinum? We have all of the options you need to make the right choice for the one that you love. Whether you require something more
understated or something more dramatic, our selection will impress. Need a ring with a modern twist or one that proffers an heirloom-like aesthetic? We have everything you need.

A diamond halo engagement ring needs careful consideration when it comes to its most striking feature: the diamond itself. With plenty of options spanning different colours, clarities, carat amounts, and cut qualities, we offer you a veritable catalogue to peruse. Such a range of high-quality choices means creating the perfect ring is a more than feasible undertaking.

Thinking about committing to a diamond halo engagement ring? Shop our collection for radiant options that will take your partner’s breath away.

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